The first festival “The Circle of Light” took place in Moscow in 2011. Within next 6 years the festival has grown up from local event into one of the main mass-cult and entertaining activities of the capital, being ranked among the three hugest festivals of light in the world.

Since 2013 the co-organizer and co-ordinator of Moscow International festival “The Circle of Light” is considered to be Communicative group LBL. Within four years of the project activities, the team managed to bring the event to successful and fundamentally new level.

In 2016 Moscow International festival “The Circle of Light” has reached its highest rates of attendance and references in the media.

Within five days of the Festival, it has been visited by 6 million persons. Media references since August, 1 till October, 10 of 2016 – more than 3 792 messages with coverage of about 200 million people.

More than 170 000 photos with hashtag #CircleofLight were posted.

The audience of within 5 days of the Festival overwhelmed 1,7 million persons.   



«Guiness Records Book», nomination «Biggest Video-projection» - 50 458 sq. m (2016);

«Guiness Records Book», nomination «The Highest Luminous Flux Power when Projecting an Image» - 4 264 346 lm (2016);

«Guiness Records Book», nomination «Biggest Video-projection » - 19 099 sq. m (2015);

«The Time of Innovations», nomination «Event Project of the Year» (2015);

«The Event of the Year», nomination «City Event of the Year» (2015);

«The Moscow Times Awards», nomination «Cultural Event of the Year» (2014 г.);

«Best in Russia/», nomination «Best Cultural Event of the Year» (2014 г.);

«Guiding Star», nomination«Best Event Project» (2014);

«Mark No. 1 in Russia», category «Social and Cultural Event of the Year. Festival» (2013, 2014);

«Brand of the Year/EFFIE», category «Entertaining» (2011, 2012).