The federal advertising campaign for Cardiomagnyl brand




To develop a new trading platform of the brand


To find a slogan for the brand


To develop an advertising campaign (TV, Radio, outdoor and print advertising, digital)


We decided to focus on time as a treasure that gave us an opportunity to be with our beloved and share incredible moments with them. In the commercial we showed a young couple that came to the birthday party to their parents. Everything had a meaning. There was a pleasure of being altogether. The 200 year Grandfather’s Clock was in the perfect working condition and symbolized a heart and right care of it. And of course there was wonderful friendly atmosphere.


Market research and consumer insights


Strategic planning and development of a communication strategy


Writing a video script of a 30 second commercial with an adaptation up to five and fifteen seconds


Design of media templates  and outdoor advertising


Producing of radio spots of 30 and 15 sec


From 2014 through 2016 the medicine with a higher price compared to competitors’ medicines held the lead in its product category