Media facade on the building of Hydroproject

The biggest media facade in Europe, no analogues in Russia, 3,840 sq. m, visible from the distance of 2.2 km

The media facade is located at the junction of two federal motorways – Leningradkoe and Volokolamskoe highways.

Moving from the city center there are the significant infrastructure facilities of the city: Sheremetyevo airport (Leningradskoe highway), Spartak stadium (Volokolamskoe highway), three A class business centers with 8000 employees, 56 club and cottage villages, 4500 luxury residential buildings.

Address: 2 Volokolamskoe Highway





Size - 80х48 m

Surface – 3,840 sq. m

Total traffic – 6,810,000 contacts per month

Contact time – 14 minutes while driving 9 km/h in a traffic jam