Mozhayskiy media facade

The media facade is located at the intersection of Minskoe highway and MKAD (Moscow Ring Road). The media facade is clearly visible from 820 m distance.

Moving from the city center there are Tri Kita Shopping Mall, 27 premium class club and cottage villages, 1,800 luxury residential buildings on the way. Daily the residents of Odintsovo town and luxury cottage villages drive along the nearby roads. On weekends thousands of Moscow residents drive Minskoe and Mozhayskoe highways to the countryside crossing or leaving MKAD.


Address: 165 Mozhayskoe Highway


Size – 23.1х40 m

Surface – 924.50 sq. m

Total traffic – 10,320,000 contacts per month

Contact time – 6 minutes while driving 8 km/h in a traffic jam